Bus Conductor Bharti: Bumper Recruitment Salary Starting From Rs 27,000 For 4012 Bus Conductor Posts

Bus Conductor Bharti: Bumper Recruitment Salary Starting From Rs 27,000 For 4012 Bus Conductor Posts


   Bus Conductor Bharti: Bumper came out in bus conductors, today we will talk about roadways conductors, people were waiting for a long time, but the government has taken this decision at the right time because if we talk about unemployment at this time then in your state A lot will happen. There is unemployment. Very soon the government will recruit it. Let us give you complete information with the help of this article, read the article written below carefully.

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   The recruitment of bus conductors on contract in roadways has come into controversy even before the start. At present the financial bridge is open in the initial phase of tender only in Lucknow region. In this, there was an allegation of selection of agencies arbitrarily, then the tender process was canceled, in such a situation orders have been given to open tenders in every area and check the conditions. Tenders have been floated for the recruitment of 4012 contract bus conductors in 18 zones across the state. In the month of June, the last date for submission of tender has ended. In which 4044 companies have claimed supply of 4014 manpower. In such a situation, if the tender process is examined, then the neck of the roadways officers is believed to be firm. Official sources at the Transport Corporation Headquarters said that the manpower supplying companies are close to the officers posted in the areas. Those who have submitted tender forms under different names in different regions.

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   There are also many such companies, which have been blacklisted in the year 2004. Such companies are in discussion to take part in the tender by changing the name. In such a situation, if the companies involved in the tender for recruitment of contract operators across the state are thoroughly investigated, then many officers will be on the radar. The last time bus conductors were recruited through agencies was in the year 2004. Corruption in the investigation was stopped in 2009 through agencies. And the selection of agency for two divisions was cancelled.

what is bus conductor

   First of all let us tell you what is a bus conductor, then know that a bus conductor is the person who gives tickets to all the passengers traveling in the bus and ensures that no person travels in the bus without a ticket. Don't do it , It should also be mentioned here that the bus conductor has to give all the accounts related to the tickets of the passengers at the depot.

   What is the process to become a bus conductor

   To become a bus conductor, first of all, the candidate must have passed 12th. After that the selection of the candidate is based on the written test as well as the interview. If the candidate passes in both, he is again trained for a few days, after which he is appointed as a bus conductor.

   Let us also tell you here that in some states there is no written test for bus conductor, where only the applicant is interviewed, in which he/she is given a chance to work as a bus conductor on the basis of his/her merit.


   The candidate should have the following qualifications which are as follows-

   Candidate must have passed class XII.

   Candidates who have ITI certificate or NCC certificate can also apply to become a bus conductor.

Age Range

   Applicant must be at least 18 years of age.

   The maximum age of the candidate should be up to 45 years.

   physical fitness

   The candidate should be physically fit so that he/she should not face any problem in performing his/her job.

   The candidate should not have any very serious illness of any kind.

   If a candidate is physically handicapped then it should not exceed 40%.


   For this, let us tell you that the fee depends on which state you live in and how many days before you want to prepare for your exam. Along with this, your fee also depends on how you want to do your course from the institute. By the way, let us tell you that for this you may have to pay a fee of Rs 3,000 to Rs 5,000 every month.

   Top institute to become bus conductor

   Let us tell you here that to become a bus conductor, there are many such institutes or coaching centers in our country from where you can prepare for the exam for this. For this, you can prepare for your examination by enrolling by contacting any institute in the city or state in which you live.

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